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Karthan: Application

posted May 10, 2011 12:35:56 by BorisKox
In Character Questions:

Name: Karthan Varios Eversun

Age: 56. Elf Years.

Gender: Male

Choose A Rank: Councillor/Noble if possible
• Councilor.
• Noble.
• Commander.
• Honor Guards.
• Captain.
• Tracker.
• Guard.
• Warden.

Tell me about yourself: A young, Gentle Boy, Unsure about a few cases but always wanting to help and take responsibility, Although he is most of the Time right, it is now if people could believe in him... No scars applied.

What and how do you know about the Eversun’s?
I am An Eversun.
Why do you want to serve the Eversuns, or perhaps why would you follow the path of it?
It is my Family, although I want to be taught into discipline, getting structure and follow my path of Holy-ness.
Do you suggest that you may be over-qualified or too experienced for the rank you have chosen? What's your opinion?
Yes, I might be, My life experience isn't that great so I will need to learn it. Perhaps you are able to help me.
What do you feel about the conflict between “Some” of the Horde members towards the Argent’s who are neutral towards the Alliance and the Horde?
It is not quite good to Disrespect the Argents. They are Neutral and helping us to understand those Alliances.

If ever so, describe a decision you made that was a failure. What happened and why?
My Kodo Ran off.. I was saving Akassas Lightlion, Else I would have let him die. Everything was gone, Bandages.. Food... Etcetera.
Do you think you will be successful at this House?
Depends on how people like me, I can heal but I can't do everything.
How do you balance your personal life and duty?
I am not sure, i'm still figuring out how to balance it.
If you are off duty, where do you head and what are your plans?
Silvermoon, or I just want to stay at Falconwing or even the Cathedral... Western Plaguelands.
Why should I hire you?
Because i'm a Healer and I do want to help here. I will try to save people and see what I can Do. I will be pleased if I will be hired.

Out of Character Questions:

Age: 15

Gender: Male

Is English your native language?
No, I'm From Holland, According to school, Notes and stuff I am pretty good at Languages. Math sucks ;-)
How do you find yourself in communicating with others using English language?
Just talk the way you are.. So do I, can come out good, either bad.. it depends on how someone reacts.
Since when did you Role-Play?
I'm not sure... I don't know really... Not going to count..
What is your experience in Role-Playing?
I have been in a few Guilds and I haven't been Taught to Roleplay, I just picked some of the Experience of other Roleplayers... I just copied some things and I taught myself.
What are your dislikes/likes in Role-Playing? Negative People. I do like to Play with serious roleplayers.
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Noure said May 10, 2011 12:51:29
Good application, accepted!
For the Horde!
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