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Zantali: application

posted May 10, 2011 12:01:52 by Shika
In Character Questions:

My name be Zantali, of da Darkspear tribe.

I be twenty-seven cycles old.

I be male.

Choose A Rank:
I be applyin' as one of dem Wardens.

Tell me about yourself:
As a druid scholar, I be travellin' da world, seekin' ta improve meself in da arts o' healin'.
I came ta Silve'moon merely a few days ago, hopin' to gain some wisdom, seein' as I be stayin' 'ere fo' a while.

What and how do you know about the Eversun’s?
I be new in Silve'moon, and dun' know much about da Eva'sun yet. I saw a fello' Troll o' da Darkspear tribe. He told me he be servin' under da command o' an elf. It intrigued me. Dat be how I learned about da Eva'sun.

Why do you want to serve the Eversuns, or perhaps why would you follow the path of it?
Da lady of da House 'erself offered me a chance ta join her. I be hearin' wisdom in 'er words. Wisdom worthy o' followin', So I be pledgin' me loyalty to da Eva'sun House, in hope it will enlighten me as well.

Do you suggest that you may be over-qualified or too experienced for the rank you have chosen? What's your opinion?
I be claimin' no such statements. I be at me place as a warden, until da lady of da House decides I be more valuable somewhere else.

What do you feel about the conflict between “Some” of the Horde members towards the Argent’s who are neutral towards the Alliance and the Horde?
It be foolish in me eyes. Da Argent Dawn, and Argent Crusade be defendin' da realm from any who seek ta harm it. Deir presence be restorin' da balance, dat enemies such as da Burnin' Legion and da Scourge, seek ta destroy.

If ever so, describe a decision you made that was a failure. What happened and why?
Dere be no failures in me life, only decisions dat turned out da way I wanted to, and decisions dat made me learn from me mistakes.

Do you think you will be successful at this House?
It be a question dat can only be answered by time.

How do you balance your personal life and duty?
I be a druid, if I can't find balance between me personal life and me duty, I be quite da disappointment ta me tribe.

If you are off duty, where do you head and what are your plans?
Off duty, I be either runnin' in da wilds, or drinkin' at da local tavern... I be one mean drinker.

Why should I hire you?
Fo' me healin' capabilities, me knowledge, and me loyalty ta those I be servin'.

Out of Character Questions:



Is English your native language?
It is not.

How do you find yourself in communicating with others using English language?
My English is about as good as my native language, so no problems there

Since when did you Role-Play?

What is your experience in Role-Playing?
I've been Role-Playing on WoW for three weeks now, but I have a few years of experience of Role-Playing on forums.

What are your dislikes/likes in Role-Playing?
Likes: Characters with interesting, rarely seen before traits or habits.
Dislikes: Lollers, people begging for attention, and people explaining their entire character's history, when nobody asked for it.
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Noure said May 10, 2011 12:24:26
Accepted, very good structured application. Should be an example to all. :)
For the Horde!
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